Customers and guests enjoy selecting their items of choice while comparing their prices with ease in any supermarket or shopping store and there will be higher chances of returning to such a store more often and becoming the loyal customers. With data strip, you will achieve this objective more easily as well as keep your retail store clean over a long period. Data strip is an adhesive plastic strip that is placed on the front of a shelf in a supermarket.

Shelving strips work well on surfaces such as glass, wire or wood and they can be personalised to suit the need of the store owner and attract more customers. Shelf strips can also be used by the store owners to pop into plastic covers that are ready-made and often attached to the channels in the shelves. A colourful one is also known to be a great marketing piece, especially for the new product. Shelf strips with words such as ‘two for,’ ‘limited time’ or ‘on sale’ where they create an instant call-to-action. They easily convince the shoppers to buy the product which is usually effective as impulse buys accounts for around 40% of the sales.

Scan strips is an up to date technology that has enabled store owners to manage their inventory more effectively and swiftly. Data strip provides a grip which makes it possible to have an extra signage and they also have superior holding power that enables them to manage signage effectively. It is, therefore, important to apply the data strip system in your store and enjoy this modern form of retail display to not only attract large sales but also help manage your store more efficiently and allow your space to be clean. The design also enables you to enhance bottom line outlook and promote the brand visibilities in the eyes of the shoppers and improve the sales.