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Self Storage Units

When I moved from a larger home into a rather small apartment, I was grateful for self storage units. I didn’t have a lot of stuff that I needed to put into storage, but there were some things that I had to save. There is no way to get these things in my new place without having to pile them into a corner, so storage was my only option. There are things that I have to get into on occasion though, so I had to have a place nearby where I could store them and get into the unit whenever I wanted to. The self storage units that are less than a mile from me were the perfect answer to my problem.

The very best feature of having self storage units is that you can store our things your way, and you can have access any time you want. If you have someone else store it for you, you are at his or her mercy. They can stack or store them any way they want to, and you have to wait until they are around to get to your stuff. If you can’t get to your stuff when you need to, you are going to end up feeling rather frustrated. Self storage units take care of that frustration for you.

Even better, self storage units come in all sorts of sizes. You can get something the size of a closet if that’s all the space you need, or you can get something that is the size of a garage if you have more to store. The larger self storage units are great if you have furniture or other large items to store, and some of them are even heated. Over estimate the space you need when you choose self storage units. It’s better to over estimate than to under estimate.

There are other uses for self storage units that you may not have thought of. Though you will need permission for this, you can use them for things you may not have considered. When my husband was in a band in Pittsburgh, he and his band rented on of the largest self storage units they could find for a band rehearsal space. They had to pay extra for use of electricity, but it was the cheapest place they could find. Not all people who own self storage units will let this go on, but if you look around you may find one.